Welcome to the Alpen Auto Rentals online booking service, here you can enquire on the types and availability of our vehicles, see the cost of each vehicle and lock in your dates. Once your booking is confirmed you can pay via our secure gateway and ensure that when you arrive your vehicle will be ready to go and no further paperwork should be required.

We aim to provide the smoothest service when you arrive so that you are on way as soon as possible.

For a complete online booking please follow the process below,

  1. Complete the booking enquiry confirming your dates and vehicle requirements

    1. Start by selecting the booking enquiry above.
    2. Start the enquiry process by clicking on "Please choose car"
    3. Choose your dates, vehicle type is optional, select "UPDATE" and the vehicles available for your dates will show.
    4. To see vehicle prices expand the "[+] View car details" link.
    5. Select your chosen vehicle if you would like to progress.
    6. On the next screen, view & select any relevant extras including concierge services, excess reduction, child seats, bike racks, roof pods and more
    7. Continue to Checkout and submit your booking.
  2. We will email a confirmation including the value of the booking.

    1. You will receive an email confirmation of vehicle, rates and hire estimate and any deposit required. Please retain your reference number for any communication.
    2. If you would like to change any details or cancel the booking please contact us via email or phone.
  3. Complete driver registration and make payment via our secure online payment link.

    1. Complete all details on the Driver Registration form and then submit the form. You will receive your rental agreement by email. At this point you can still pay in store by EFT or by Cash.
    2. For the fastest pick up experience and most secure deposit option, please choose the Secure Payment option above.
    3. To complete the payment online scroll down to the payment area and choose either deposit or full payment.
    4. Complete your credit card details, please choose to subscribe so that we can process any refunds due or any extra charges per the T&C's.
    5. Your details will be stored securely by the same payment system used by organisations like Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Xero accounting, Target, Habitat for Humanity and many more.

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